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Since its launch in 2013, the RM890+ never stopped to surprise and seduce. The goal was to conceive a true cruiser, with loads of living space, comfort yet performance, at ease for both coastal cruising and port-hopping. In her different versions – twin-keel or fin keel – this fast 30ft sailboat is easy to sail, and quick to set up.


The ideal 32ft yacht for family cruising. With the RM970, you’re entering the serial cruiser category! Conceived as the perfect family liveaboard, this 32-foot sailboat will be your best companion to create great memories.


With the RM1070+ we wanted to create a 35ft sailboat suitable for all navigation plans, including long-range cruising. She is available in three appendage versions: twin-keel, fin keel, or lifting keel.


Should you be looking for a fast, elegant cruising yacht, capable of crossing either oceans or the next bay nearby, solo or with your family, the RM1180 will satisfy all these expectations. Just add charm and seduction on top.

Designed by Marc Lombard and developed by our internal engineering team, this fast and modern 39ft sailboat is one of a kind monohull, representing the perfect synthesis of our definition of a transatlantic (or any other ocean!) sailing yacht: breathtaking lines, remarkable performances, non-to-second comfort, not to mention environment-friendly construction in plywood and epoxy.


The bluewater sailing yacht you’ve been dreaming of. For the past 30 years, Marc Lombard Design team and the RM Yachts engineering team have been conceiving legendary and head-turning sailing yachts, all contributing to the French shipyard’s reputation. The RM1380 is, somehow, the culmination of our efforts, and probably our most remarkable achievement.

A 45-foot sailboat made of plywood-epoxy, the RM1380 is exceptionally elegant and racy, and capable of long cruises, such as a circum-navigation or a transatlantic ocean crossing in the best conditions of speed, safety, and comfort.



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